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  • SARS-2

    The design of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines is flawed

    Even today, the institutions state that the spike protein introduced with the COVID-19 mRNA vaccination disappears within a few days, and that the mRNA code does not integrate into cells and therefore has no consequence. Both statements were found to be incorrect. Already in January 2023 a study showed that after 28 days the protein […]

  • onto-EV

    English electric car rental company in trouble

    Leading electric car leasing company ONTO has requested the court's administration, the equivalent of bankruptcy. This is after raising tens of millions of pounds from backers like Legal & General (L&g) .This was reported by Sky News who learned it from Onto Holdings.Onto had assembled a fleet of 7000 electric vehicles e […]

  • EFF-red

    Everyone will have a digital identity under the guise of child protection.

    La eff, Electronic Frontier Foundation denounces a new attempt to insert online censorship and control hiding behind the good purpose of protecting minors . The US bill called Protecting Kids on Social Media would have five main components:Delegation to Social Media (former censors during COVID-19 and still) also check everyone's age […]

  • croquet

    gen. (ris) The door: Meloni resigns Crosetto

    General Piero Laporta wrote to Giorgia Meloni, currently Head of Government, in relation to what his Defense Minister said about General Vannacci's book. Without ever naming him (the minister is Crosetto) Laporta defined the minister “inadequate” , “lacking the necessary balance to administer the Armed Forces” is that “..must immediately vanish” […]

  • SARS-2

    The CDC alarms the community “New Sars-Cov2 variant punches vaccines and natural immunity” and after a few days he thinks again: “be a booster”

    CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ) said the 23 August that the BA.2.86 variant of the COVID-19, due to the large number of mutations detected, it can cause infection in both people who have received vaccines and those who have contracted the virus naturally, but does not yet know if it could cause […]

  • CDC

    They knew that the mask was not used to protect

    During the pandemic the CDC (Center for Disease Control) of the USA jointly with the IDSA ( Infectious Diseases Society of America) recommended wearing a mask to protect themselves from Sar-Cov2 infection. An access to CDC documents revealed that in November 2021 top epidemiologist Michael Osterholm, direttore del Center for Infectious Disease […]

  • Created with GIMP

    judgment: during the pandemic crimes against freedom of information

    Created with GIMPA Louisiana ruling found that many of the highest institutions in the United States lobbied in various ways both the press and social media to cancel it (suppressed) any discussion about:- the actual severity of the Covid-19- the actual ability of the PCR test to indicate the […]

  • EpochHealt

    cancer “turbo” developed from mRNA vaccines

    A staggering number of people with less than 50 years is being affected by a cancer biologically different from the usual ones, so as to be referred to as “turbo cancer”. E’ a widespread phenomenon also in Italy and known in the corridors of doctors. Esteemed professionals say COVID-19 mRNA vaccines have caused the emergence of these […]

Liberation of the Venetians and Lombardo-Veneto

  • No-Euro&reset

    The end of political parties and Plan Z

    It's still a good idea to get active in a political party? The situation of institutional degradation is such that it is evidently not a solution, Unlike, it can only strengthen the condition we are in, and I explain why. Italy has joined the UN, then, EU, European Council, in addition to other bodies such as UNESCO, oms, WORDS, […]

  • PianoZ-liberta

    Exit the Great Reset: information evening

    Exit the Great Reset, or Practical paths of human freedom Presented by Loris Palmerini December 15th 2022 – Thursday – ore 21.00 da “oregano” – via Caprera, 26 – Dueville (WE)Limited seats, book via telegram @ambro65Piano Z

  • lombardy-venetia1866

    Return to Austria? But do me the favor

    The parody of the Lombardo-Veneto independence activist is a healthy mockery of a sentiment that does not actually exist, especially among the Venetians. If anything, it dwells among the nostalgics of the Catholic Monarchy of the Holy Roman Empire, often linked to the world of traditionalists who contest the Second Vatican Council. It exists even stronger in the Friulian faction than the […]

  • lombardy-venetia1866

    Lombardy-Veneto like Dombass? That's why they are 156 years of illegal Italian presence

    today, 22 October 2022, do 156 years of illegal occupation of Lombardy-Veneto, but we will return sovereign A few days ago the annexation of portions of the Dombass to Russia was completed, and the West has harshly condemned the operation defining it totally illegal . The West claims the principle of “as long as the state is legitimate and does not behave badly with colonized subjects” Member, which has been in force since the first half of […]

  • Lombard-Venetian-no-Italy

    Lombardy-Veneto is militarily occupied by Italy, explained in 20 minutes

    In these 20 minutes of explanation show why Lombardy-Veneto is not legally Italy, it is only militarily occupied.

  • Lombardy-Veneto-via2

    interview: the Lombardo-Veneto invaded by Italy

    In this interview that the main stream refused, I explained why Italy is abusive in the Lombardy-Veneto region and why the Italian government should be arrested because it piloted the pandemic to attempt a coup.

  • death-Constitution

    Here's how the election scam works

    The Italian democratic system has been non-existent for decades, what we are seeing are not elections, but a well-organized fraud. I have proved this many times, most recently with the Veneto Regionals of 2020. In a nutshell I try to describe the system, and what I describe is the result not only of studies, But above all […]

Hoaxes unmasked

  • oppt_hoax_reality

    The end of the myth of Legal Representation, OPPT and individual sovereignty

    Finally online the recording of the evening of 13 July 2022 where I completely dismantled the theory of individual self-determination, of the Legal Representation, of individual sovereignty, of OPPT and all its derivatives. In the video, of three hours, those theories are dismantled and unmasked simply by verifying some facts such as the hierarchy […]

  • tucci_red

    Index on the hoax of legal representation

    When in 2014 I became aware of the theory of individual self-determination, which at the time was called OPPT, I was very impressed. Developed by the alleged lawyer “Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf “, the theory stated that states are actually corporations in the sense of private companies. According to the lawyer, this could be verified through the registration […]

  • IRO_on_behalf_RI

    “ITALY REPUBLIC OF” it's not there “Italian republic”: demonstration by absurdity

    Proof by absurdity that “ITALY REPUBLIC OF” it's not there “Italian republic”. Loris Palmerini – 31/5/22 – all rights reserved We assume that the subject registered with the SEC as “ITALY REPUBLIC OF” (from now on IRO) both the Italian Republic (henceforth RI). If so, you should have these demonstrable consequences:1) The […]

  • man_of_straw500x

    Registration in the civil registry as slavery and the commercial exploitation of the straw man: one fool after another.

    There are those who argue that thanks to the registration in the registry office a new born (a person) it is placed as a guarantee of the public debt of the state. For example, he stated this in the transmission of the 29/4/22 a certain Raffaele Gavuglio (I believe it is, who has publicly been said to be a profound student of the subject. If it were true that every […]

  • loris2015_500w

    The questions that mislead the advocates of individual self-determination and legal representation

    1) The questions that mislead the advocates of individual self-determination and legal representation 80 the Constitution, The questions that mislead the advocates of individual self-determination and legal representation ? 2) The questions that mislead the advocates of individual self-determination and legal representation , o la […]

  • sec-republic-italy

    The hoax of individual self-determination

    The alleged hoax has been running for years “self-determination” individual that would be realized through the form of “Legal representation” which would allow to override the laws of the state. This hoax with variations in the past was also called “sovereign people“, “single people“, “Individual sovereignty”, even before O.P.P.T., and was literally sold to unsuspecting citizens who have it […]

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