1. Alberto
    29 March 2010 @ 13:40

    Hello Mr.. palmerini,
    Also his argument has a flaw.

    Reality’ E’ in a nutshell:
    – 1/3 vote for the PDL;
    – 1/3 vote for the PD;
    – 1/3 do not vote.

    What changes if if the third party of non-voters were to vote a different party from those of the majority?
    What grades are divided into several smaller parties, per cui l’azione di rappresentare al regime il proprio dissenso verrebbe persa e questi si sentirebbero di nuovo legittimati.
    An elegant way to hide a big disagreement: BORN’ vero?

    Also on the list of those elected would find the 60 armchairs occupied by the majority parties and some from some minority party.
    Ergo does not change anything revolutionary from the political point of view over the 60 chairs to be occupied.

    I'm not very smart, for this I leave to those more’ educated, ADVISED, intelligent pleasure to vote and to tell others what they should do.


  2. george andretta
    28 March 2010 @ 10:17

    loris, she wrote:” For more disgusted would be the only ones likely to vote new parties, and instead persuaded to stay home from stupid, in fact confirm the system or strengthen it.”
    Since myself and other visitors of your site we return among those who advocate not voting her there cataloger of fools.
    Vale poi tutto il resto che ho già esposto, worth the rindondanza.
    Cordialità .

    • george andretta
      29 March 2010 @ 07:04

      loris, despite his “stupid”, ie those who have not gone to the polls, white votes and the null won a majority on the forward-looking.
      D’altronde se non si vogliono adottare metodi cruenti e l’unico modo per manifestare la propria contrarietà all’attuale sistema.
      By going to a vote, as proposed by you, non si farebbe altro che asseverare l’attuale sistema che lei stesso non perde occasione per esutorare di ogni credibilità , does not it seem a counter-sense?
      Let it be clear that I agree with every smear his observation in the system be, If the system can still be defined total chaos in every grade that rages today in our social organization.
      Cordialità .

  3. george andretta
    27 March 2010 @ 10:10

    Luca Acacia Scarpetti that's she doing on this site? Perhaps the virus?
    With that face “battery” propugna l’IDV?
    Perhaps he believes that we live under a cabbage leaf?
    All those who are active in partisan alliances should be made through the Tarpeian Rock, why, as claimed by the Prince De Curtis, are corporals.
    Of all the political regimes, democracy is one that lends itself to generating and camouflage oligarchies. today, This matter is dealt talking about caste. nobody, I think, think of the Indian caste or kumquats. Each caste system entails social stratifications for parallel horizontal planes, over- and under-ordered, more or less impermeable. Each of these plans are lifestyle, tastes, culture, literature, music, theater, sometimes languages, eating habits, special laws. today, none of this. Today's oligarchs, in società di individui sciolti da appartenenze e liberi di fare di sé quel che vogliono e di legarsi a chi vogliono, they build, change and destroy of ascending and descending circular motions where all mingle. To understand the difference, It must start with a little 'further away, the conflict between those who belong and those who do not belong to some "round" or circle of power. I mean by this expression - the round - exactly what we mean when we, in front of strangers from history, the skills and merits uncertain, or by certain demerits, which occupy inconceivable places for them, we wonder: to belong around? Tours are our material constitution.

    Ci si scambia protezione e favori con fedeltà e servizi. This exchange needs “matter”. It must have resources to distribute as favors; for example: money and jobs, careers and promotions, immunità e privilegi. It must, on the other side, something to offer in return: from small vote (the "vote trading"), organization of hundreds or thousands of votes that they control for corporate reasons, corruzione e criminalità , to the personal performance or nominees, Today especially interposed sex. L’asettico «giro» in realtà è una cloaca e questo è il materiale infetto che trasporta. What is the force that moves the? Poiché la protezione e i favori stanno su e la fedeltà e i servizi giù, behind the cheerful and innocent league appearances Comunelle, lurk oppression and violence. Handing out favors, It may seem a beneficial system, democracy as a form of power for the people. but is not so. Each sees the other only exploitable resources. Ogni giro è un crogiolo di rivalità e ferocia e di gradini, by stepping to climb higher. On the highest and the lowest are only just arrogance and subservience. On intermediate it is arrogant with the subject and subservient overlaid with and hand hand that is up or down changes the relationship between arrogance and servility.

    Masters and servants, at all levels of the tour, They are bound by agreements, but agreements between accomplices. La fedeltà ai patti è garantita da favori e minacce, blandishments and intimidation and blackmail. When the exchange also enter criminal organizations, It is not excluded violence. Not a few political crimes in our country is so violent explain. Where feeds the force that fuels tours? Nella disuguaglianza e nell’illegalità . They, i giri, the more they spread the greater the social malaise and the less the laws apply equally to all. So much more insecurity and injustice, the more demand for "patronage"; the more patronage, many more violations of the law equal for all. democracy, mancando uguaglianza e legalità , become a concealment of hierarchical power systems, based on the unequal exchange of favors between powerful and powerless, e sulla generalizzata illegalità a favore di chi appartiene a oligarchie. A violation that can be simple, and seemingly innocent, Recommendation or become criminal conspiracy according to the penal code. This never before has it been extended, capillary, omnipervasiva. If only for a moment we could lift the veil and have an overall view, resteremmo probabilmente sbalorditi di fronte alla realtà nascosta dietro la rappresentazione della democrazia. vertical chains of power, usually invisible and sometimes secret, bind together men of politics, bureaucracies, the judiciary, professions, the church hierarchy, Economy and Finance, dell’università , of culture, of the show, dell'innumerevole plethora of bodies, advice, centers, foundations, etc, that, according to their own principles, They should be independent of each other and instead are drawn in the same eddies of power, corruptive roles, skills, responsabilità . Realistically, However it is clear that all is not well, se non sempre per virtù almeno per necessità . First of all, not all in the numerous categories of persons now indicated, They lend themselves to the logic of revolutions. MA, soprattutto il sistema del patronato e dello scambio di fedeltà non può essere universale. Ci sarà sempre chi non può o non riesce a entrarci. First of all, for practical reasons. The resources which it must have (seats, funding, favorite) They are not unlimited. As we tend to extend and ramificarle (ad is. with the multiplication of the places unnecessary entities), vi sono limiti di sostenibilità , dictated by the limited resources, dall’impoverimento della società e dalla rapacità di chi sta (above) in the hierarchy. But there is also a reason of principle. The oligarchies of laps could not exist if everyone should enjoy their privileges. The generalization of the privileges is conceptually the contradiction of the oligarchies. That, to exist, they need that there is one who is outside. The oligarchies thus bring in their breasts contradiction. È questo il momento in cui lo scontro assumerà l’aspetto di un conflitto tra interessi (part) and values (universal), or between "interest" and "reasons". Who does not participate, in a minimum extent also, the privilege system, what can you do if you do not oppose general ideas (values ​​and reasons, precisely) the interest from which is excluded? P

    For those who are entered in a trading system, its earnings potential is only his own, and all the rest can go to the dogs; for those who are not set, instead, what, for the first, is that “rest” instead the essential. The division is even anthropological. L’homo hierachicus è stato studiato con riguardo alle società castali. It could be studied with regard to the oligarchs 'turn'. It would be typical anthropological traits. Those who have spent their lives, or are about to pass, not as free men but as climbers places where there opportunism and servility toward the powerful and arrogance disguised as paternalism towards the weak, They can not but bear the marks on their way to be, to show themselves and to do. Theirs is a characteristic habitus, that distinguishes them and that can hardly divest or hide. Norberto Bobbio once spoke of "broken promises" of democracy and, between these, He puts the disappearance of the oligarchies. He could, this promise, It is maintained and it is not been, or just it could not be maintained and was therefore a false promise? Not that we should append to what I would call the "snobs" of democracy, a category of people growing, a right time, Today also left, indeed predominantly left (una novità ) very intelligent, who have an easy time in the show its limits, contradictions and hypocrisies, and to consider "beautiful souls," those who make profession of democratic faith.

    It's true: democracy as self-government of the people is all the more impossible the more idealized. But it's not the same if, to fight the oligarchs, We must create "heroic moments", with the violence and destruction that accompany them, or just to appeal, contro l’illegalità di cui esse si nutrono e la segretezza con cui si proteggono, to the force of the law applied in a manner equal for all and to the free circulation of information: in a word, the preconditions that allow honest measurements of consensus and dissent. Democracy is therefore perhaps only this: la possibilità di creare «momenti non eroici» di distruzione delle oligarchie. We thus see that you must hold fast to the tenets of liberalism: la sovranità della legge e la libertà dell’opinione; the judiciary and the information. It did not take much, to get here, to this conclusion. It did not take much, but this does not mean that it is superfluous ribadirla, Now it seems to someone, not without finding result, that these cornerstones, rather than strengthen, obstruct and undermine democracy.

    Gustavo Zagrebelsky
    Source: http://www.repubblica.it

    The text is part of the "Reading Cesare Alfieri" entitled “The difficult democracy”, che si terrà a Firenze, Aula Magna of the Social Sciences Polo, today at 11.

    • george andretta
      27 March 2010 @ 10:22

      palmerini, lei ha l’obbligo di pesare e misurare le parole evitando di offendere i suoi ospiti.
      Si può essere d’opinioni diverse ma non si deve mai arrivare all’epiteto , questo dimostra mancanza d’argomentazioni.
      If you are convinced of the rightness of his methods for applying, I just have my and therefore not delegate anyone to manage the my life.
      I'm sorry if it is little!

    • loris
      27 March 2010 @ 12:40

      apart from the usurpers offenders who violate the constitution, I do not think he had offended someone explicitly, I apologize if anything.

  4. Alberto
    27 March 2010 @ 05:03

    You are right to say that there are two sides. That consists of the PD and PDL and the one composed of new parties! Quelli che non hanno mai avuto la possibilità di sistemare le cose. Non votare gente nuova significa dare al primo schieramento la possibilità di continuare a rubare e sprecare i nostri soldi.

  5. giuseppe
    26 March 2010 @ 21:48

    I do not understand why I should go and vote, visto che mi troverei difronte due schieramenti politici perfettamente in sintonia uno con l’altro sui grandi temi scuola, sanità , WORK, war, electoral systems etc.. etc. sono uno contiguo all’altro , quindi votare per uno o per l’altro non cambirebbe nulla, for me but most would not change anything for all those who are struggling to get to the first week of the month . This is not even the semblance of democracy is just pure authoritarianism that the dominant powers dictate to us citizens .
    An example in Tuscany to present a list for the regional elections it takes almost 11.000 companies ,when for the policies they serve 2000 , What does that mean ; si da la parvenza che tutti si possano presentare ma in realtà per i più non è possibile . So I invite everyone to annullarre the card .

  6. Franco Zavala
    26 March 2010 @ 18:57

    Anche quest’anno, as in past rounds of voting, no I will go to the polling station to vote!!!

    There are three main reasons, I will avoid secondary not to bore anyone and be as explicit as possible.

    1) I do not recognize the Italian state and I do not feel Italian.

    2) It would be absurd to go to vote in the election planned and willed by a state in which I do not identify. Do the opposite, It would be done, recognize it and send to hell my ideas and my ideals.

    3) Just the fact to show up at the polling station and to hear those famous words “It voted”, means to finance the occupation state and unrecognized.
    For the uninitiated, all citizens who go to the polls, make public funding “occult” of € 3,50 the various parties and partitelli, therefore eye, Beyond the damage the mockery!!!

    For these main reasons, and many others “secondary”, I DO NOT VOTE!!!

    Franco Zavala

    • george andretta
      27 March 2010 @ 09:55

      franco, for her worth what I replied to Riccardo, con l’aggiunta che dall’alto dei miei 60 years I have never recognized the Italian Republic and its order in every grade, bensì l’ho subita.
      the home Carabinieri They came to prelevarmi for coartarmi to carry my “military service”.
      Not to be confused with the usual critical sterile and empty of any proposed, since my first contact with Palmerini I have advanced the project anthropocratic, compulsabile to the site http://www.bellia.com.
      With sympathy.

  7. Luke acacia Scarpetti
    26 March 2010 @ 16:37

    This is one of my slogan for this election:

    One behavior is more harmful than that of a politician
    corrupt: not to vote.

    • richard bold
      26 March 2010 @ 22:48

      As I read, widely while respecting the choices of each, I do not agree. I give up the right to vote of not choosing duty to vote. The problem in my opinion are not parties “new”, but the whole system, where the politician “run” especially for himself, now it is a profession, in Italy 1 million two hundred thousand people “they live” of politics, all are candidates for fabulous salaries, fuori da ogni realtà e senza pudore in un’Italia dove trionfa la disoccupazione, underemployment with “salaries” gives 500 Euros per month, ashamed political lords “run” For 16310 Euros per month, be ashamed to keep this system. A “system” marcio già dalle piccole realtà , what are the municipalities and away, going away, so there is no point in voting the unknown party, because this is aligned with larger parties, i quali sono i primi a fare appelli all’andar votare.
      Quindi per chi scrive non c’è scelta, you can not vote in this way, because this to me is not “Democracy”. Democracy is not first “apply”, but getting people to choose from; democracy is to vote for candidates in alphabetical order, Democracy is to be free to vote for whomever I want I, not who the party offers me, Democracy is changing senators and deputies every five years, not every fifty. All this dissatisfied that is evidenced in non-voting, White or no vote, must eventually win, must squotere the consciences of politicians. When they are only the most 40/50% They go to vote, how dare you present in the squares? How do they justify the majority who do not rate them? Pretending nothing? Non credo proprio..non andrà a finir così
      Grazie per l’ospitalità – –

    • george andretta
      27 March 2010 @ 09:43

      riccardo, sposo in toto le sue riflessioni ed aggiungo che lo scritto dell’ospite manifesta tutta la sua ingenuità .
      He even believes to be witty, ma con le indicazioni proposteci ha dimostrato l’esatto contrario.
      Sono dell’avviso che se otteranno, the elected, less than 50% of the votes, of eligible voters, disappear from public spaces, we are not Yankees.
      Anche se non assomigliamo ai nostri cugini d’oltralpe, who demonstrate sexual attributes much more developed than ours!

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