foto loris palmerini 2009
photo loris palmerini 2009

There is no online biography of Loris Palmerini, but they speak the facts deriving from the sites indicated below

Loris Palmerini was born in 1968 in a charming and prosperous Padua, he is one of those characters uncomfortable for the power that does not adapt to the system but wants to modify it in favor of citizens.
His complaints have affected a little’ the whole caste, the presence in parliament of many ineligible, to the fact that the Bank of Italy does not pay taxes, violation of citizens' electoral rights, false signatures in applications… these activities of his have led him to a useful study of the laws, until he rediscovered the fact that the “people Venetian” is recognized by a constitutional law and can govern itself by holding back the 100% of taxes. A right that applies to all Venice, from Bergamo to Udine. But Loris also studied some crucial historical passages of the Venetian people, bringing to light that in 1866 there was no plebiscite, but a violation of international laws so that the result was published 3 days before the vote. It's still, in 2007 published a booklet with evidence that in 1946 the Italian government wanted to exclude Istria and Dalmatia from the vote with malice, to cede those lands the following year to Yugoslavia in a secret agreement of Togliatti with Tito. 1999 Palmerini and many others directly exercise the self-government of the Venetian people, and asked the human rights court in Strasbourg to condemn Italy for the violation of human rights they suffer. The right to the Venetian language, the right to Venetian judges, the right that the 100% the remaining taxes in Veneto are provided for by the laws and requested in Strasbourg in 2008. That's why the Italian government and ministers talk about it today, but they don't say who brought these things to the center of the debate. Palmerini ran for the 2009 to the Presidency of the Province of Padua, ma 500.000 voters were kept in the dark about his candidacy while  other movements and people who were given visibility  used the fruit of Palmerini's work. The site has been serving millions of pages for years, about 5 million / year between 2016 e 2017

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