Who is Loris Palmerini and what has he done?

photo-loris2010The pages below address specific important issues that I raised and that actually contributed to the public debate and decision-historical and political consciousness. My history is very long, Made of 25 years of battles for legality, the human rights of all but in particular of the Venetian people. but not only.

I started in 1995 with a political proposal that has had no chance of coming true because, as I have shown in the Brogli dossier elections in Italy are rigged and false, with the complicity of the high organs of the state , many magistrates included.

I paid a lot for my complaints, until he was beaten by the Carabinieri in 2002, something for which there was no trial since there were many witnesses to the acts of gratuitous military violence.

in 2015 I wrote the text of a law that was approved by several municipalities in the Veneto region that proposed it to the Veneto Regional Council. This “initiative to the law of local authorities” it was passed over a year later and not without some adventurous political event, and is today the law n ° 28 of the 13 DECEMBER 2016. This law of the Veneto Region recognizes the Venetian people (referred to in law n-340 of 1971 and the new regional statute) rights of “national minority” enshrined “Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities” of the Council of Europe (but law already fully enforced by state law n. 302 of the 1997), and the Region has been able to issue it by virtue of the exclusive competence assigned by the Constitution in an exclusive manner pursuant to paragraph 4 of Article 117 of the Constitution because it deliberated on the matter of “national minorities” which is not listed in it.

In other words, Law on the initiative of several municipalities, the Region exercised a delegated power for which it recognized the applicability of an international law to the Venetians. It sounds simple but it isn't, also because it turns out that the Italian Constitution is already federal and international law strengthens local communities and minor nations. Indeed Venetians now, from Bergamo to Udine to Istria and wherever one can say “we Venetian”, They have a special right, They are a nation without a state but transfrontraliera, with numerous rights. Qauli ? To keep it simple, Now the Venetians are entitled to the same treatment they receive the Germans of South Tyrol / Alto Adige. Unfortunately, in addition to the enormous resistance, today lack the leadership and the courage to implement this standard. Today I represent Venetian aggregation that make such law.

unfortunately in 2018, the lawyer “defender” the law, prof. Police, instead of defending the law and the rights of the Venetians, in the Constitutional Court stated that “this law is useless”. And this on a mandate from Zaia (Protected President of the Veneto Region) and the regional council, because they and Bertolissi had a dossier with 73 serious violation of the fundamental rights of the Venetians, first the recognition of the Venetian language, and it would have been enough to claim even the right denied to the Venetian language to save the law. E’ It was certainly an intention to have the law canceled.

On the site you will find many other information about my story.

in 2012 I exposed a loss of revenue for about 80 billion / year, showing that the government provoked the crisis of the companies and work to save banks. My birthright is demonstrated by this video .However, I mistakenly sought the help of several parties, and only in February 2014 I decided to spread 20.000 email e 30.000 pages on social networks to denounce 240 billion thrown by the Government, the crisis is provoked . from the 13 February, date of my complaint and television network, The “spread” it fell below all-time lows, and for no good reason (the data on Italy are bad, the worst ever) and the same fears Renzi savings for many billions on public interest.

in 2012, thanks to a resolution of the Municipality of Limena (PD) He is calling for the referendum against the cancellation of the provinces, we blocked the cancellation of the provinces as unconstitutional and in violation of the Charter on self-government of the Council of Europe. The unconstitutionality of what Monti attempted, berlusconi, Casini and signed by Napolitano was confirmed by the Constitutional Court . The Council of Europe in 2017 he asked Italy to restore provincial elections.

in 2011 I have shown that the so-called referendum “on the water”, if he had won, it actually allowed for the first time the privatization of the ownership of public services and water up to that time publicly guaranteed by law (the contrary to the claims lefts) and that in any case the privatization of the management of the service would have taken place because it was imposed by European standards. Indeed, the referendum 2011 he said “No” privatization (at least according to the proponents), but yet, from the 2012 They are privatizing public companies of water, transport etc. ? Why Simple, It WAS A FRAUD THAT WAS NECESSARY to privatize, come I HAVE EXPLAINED HERE

In November 2012 I published an ebook to demonstrate that the referendum for the independence of Veneto is illegal for both domestic and international law, then in 2013 further demonstrate that the Veneto region cannot hold any referendum for independence not even consultative because it is prohibited by the new regional statute of 2012

in 2007 I have shown that with The evidence that the Referendum 1946 is null, also published a book of great historical value (until then only he spoke of fraud, while I I demonstrated the illegality and invalidity of the referendum of 1946)

in 2006 I have shown that the Lombardy-Veneto annexation of 1866 is legally invalid , namely that Italy is an illegal occupier of the Lombardy-Veneto region , coming in 2008 to obtain a sentence from the Court of Venice that questions the jurisdiction of Italy over the same .

Previously I worked for the rights of citizens and the people of Veneto.