1. Antonio
    22 April 2016 @ 08:26

    Dear friend,
    I don't know who you are and what role you play within this complex mechanism we call the web.
    I will not go on to your complaints since you've researched and found, or did they find, results that say what that brings in your post. As far as I'm concerned, I can only tell you that at the beginning of this story, that is when they were very few who knew OPPT and everything else, when I went on the search engine of the SEC and digitavo Italy, I immediately looked Repubblic of Corporation. What if you go to look now no longer appears. What do you say there has been a manipulation of the Site?
    A greeting


  2. But
    6 September 2015 @ 12:06

    ** According to the group, and OPPT aqltri on facebook (and there are many false).

    It's not true, They are all false, Oppt no groups on facebook.

    (and proof of this is given the fact that there is a registration with the SEC.)

    It is not proof, but it is important to understand what the market has influence on policy depending on what.

    (Followers claim that each of us at birth is recorded as a “warranty” private corporation ( as a kind of property in short), but that from this you can release with a simple statement.)

    The issue of Bonds collateral has been confirmed by the World Bank, that we are talking? Ownership or non-ownership , the tax system is structured in such a way as to be able to manage the legal figure and consequently the individual connected to it.

    Look, it seems to me very differently explained: http://oppt-italia.org/one-peoples-public-trust



  3. lucianamariarita
    1 February 2015 @ 14:33

    why do not you ask him directly?


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