1. Caretel
    2 March 2009 @ 17:31

    I do not trust these revelations of the right-wing scholar Marco Pirina near Forza Nuova, It is useless and harmful to support these people with the independence and autonomy of the Veneto. When these people were in power, they gave a lot of trouble to all ethnic and linguistic minorities. Because Pirina does not make us aware of all the filth that the Istrian-Dalmatian-Venetian fascists committed or whatever in the lands of Istria and Dalmatia by eradicating the linguistic minorities of Slovenes and Croats by threatening children in schools or worse by deporting the population to southern Italy or in some African countries? And the documents viewed in Ljubljana and Rome? At least one photocopy? No? Come on, if these theses are to validate the independence of the Veneto, I keep the Italiots I don't want to go back to the marches and minculpop maybe in Marciana sauce


  2. Drainage
    2 March 2009 @ 17:06

    Bah I hope those things said by the scholar are true, it only occurs to me that Mitrovica is in Kosovo and passed through a rich mining area. Albanians were employed in the mines, Roma and other ethnic groups. I don't know why there were Italian prisoners present (who said they were from Veneto?and then what happened to them?) until the 1962, it's not that maybe they were Montenegrins or Albanians in some way linked to fascism? We are sure of it? The other revelations seem to me the usual more or less true rumors about the war on the eastern border but many people on both sides have lost their skin so it seems to me harmful to take sides against someone or something. To have sufficient knowledge of the facts, you must have lived those years there , to and. the Yugoslavs were well regarded by Italy and throughout the West, they were a bulwark of Soviet expansionism they were one of the non-aligned states. Let's go easy on the considerations and think only if Germany had won the war in what conditions we would find ourselves in now


  3. Daniele
    14 February 2009 @ 01:40

    ciao.. I am daniele, I'm Salentino, Terrone with a capital T, I've been to Conegliano 3 years, so I care about your need , As for the rest we Terroni suffer ankora “the southern question”
    komunque if koncedete me to give you a konsiglio write your posts in Italian, so that everyone can read it and really understand your problem…

    With best regards


  4. giancarlo - Verona
    11 February 2009 @ 16:20

    Ghe xe da restar esterefatti.
    Sti scoundrels if you also boast of it the peers of the country.
    Striking names…..ke je stadiums brought to the honor of the homeland for it are the founders of nà costitusion ke nè gnankora stada honorada bringing it to completion.
    Ghe xe politici ke i gha ankora el corajo de parlar e de andar in parlamento.
    Ke i if ashamed…but so much with the face from tola ke i if he finds again…..
    I apologize if, as I write, I may annoy or farghe vegner mal de stomago to someone, but My Lords we realize that we are talking about the rotten ... of the worm from which this Republic was born?? And that rotten and that worm has been continually renewed up to the present day…otherwise we would not find ourselves in panic public debt.
    Scandals,mafia,andrangheta and ki more has more and more.
    What do we Venetians have to do with these? “itagliani”? The xe na question ke me continues to whisk in the head for some time….


  5. Maurizio Bedin
    11 February 2009 @ 13:07

    Dear Pagliarini, (palmerini)
    if you know ghemo in Vicenza 8/9 years ago and I was a member of the Liga Fronte Veneto. I am also passionate about history and I read a lot of books about our TRUE Homeland. What dixw Perina, no me shocked so much, but it hurts me a lot, parchè anca el ns. people ga vudo na diaspora and a concomitant holocaust of the Jews, e lo go senpre afermà . I am also convinced that we have done a great deal of coalixion and rancurase all around the project to fight for the independence of our. Tera Veneta (from Brexia to Zadar and Split), parkè so divided into many small movements and little parties that are not demoed anywhere. Little thing, all the alleged leaders of these groups, se i xe veri idealisti veneti, i must coalixarse ​​into one and large group, without seeing if the x pì visini to Dx o sanca and take home el pìpibile in fato de libart . If I can sweat hip (no mass), at the beginning, but find agreements. After all, one can seem to be all together: riteovare la ns libartà .
    an abraxo from a naxinalist e (solo) independent Venetian


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