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  1. Giulio
    29 December 2015 @ 19:55

    Good morning Loris, I apologize for not replying in real time but only now I'm back on my feet after a bronchitis arrived in the holidays with an incredible sense of timing. It is not my intention to enter into controversy with what the link shown, although I would have preferred not to read words such as ” A’ OTHER nonsense OF OPPT ” and more, because we, each with their own convictions, on the same battlefield. OPPT – UCC and quant’ Another tool is that you can use once aware of FRAUD in place perpretrato by the system against all the’ HUMANITY , People including Veneto. Although prove the ” BUFFALO “, one of the merits must certainly be acknowledged and that is to have opened a door on a MATRIX that you would never have been aware of. I could reply in all serenity what I read but I realize that when it is taken as pure gold that ” CHURCH DISCLAIMS SLAVERY’ AND DEFENDS THE DIGNITY’ dell’ MAN ” or, thanks to a law of 1956 to enact a United Nations ” ADDITIONAL CONVENTION ON THE ABOLITION OF SLAVERY, TRADE OF SLAVES, AND INSTITUTIONS AND PRACTICES SIMILAR TO SLAVERY’ ” I realize than they are to the difference between the SAY and DO Stranger. If there is a law then a complaint is enough, as suggested in the link ? This means do not accept the fact that the deliberate lack of information on their RIGHTS, before on their DUTIES, It worked well, very well. If you knew what E’ and what really IS the CHURCH and maybe you could for once to become aware of what the LAW OF’ ADMIRALTY, o The sense of MILE AND A HALF SQUARE City of London, or even know what really is and what a LAWYER, What is really a JUDGE and WHO and WHAT is and maybe be able to connect everything…Here, then you would just all’ beginning for understanding the bigger DECEPTION perpretrato against of’ HUMANITY’ FULL. It also would not hurt to deepen the difference between STATE and COUNTRY, as c’ It is a substantial difference between the’ be a CITIZEN or be a NATIVE, and this without having to bother the Roman Law. In peace and harmony, Pisanò descendants of Julius – Happy Holidays


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