1. franco
    24 February 2013 @ 08:26

    The inic hope was the mayor of Florence,even if I'm not on the left, I would have voted for it.
    Instead we just get the same old and decrepit mummies.
    I heard tv various interventions leader.Il PD do not understand what he wants to do,The leaders spoke of laws at personam,false accounting,without understanding that Italians do not give a fucking emeritus of these cose.A right sone we fairies you wish-granting.
    The only one I heard in a rally in the square is the Talking Cricket,says many good things,but many are very dangerous, such as the exit from the euro.
    But you tell me how you rate????????????


  2. I
    29 May 2010 @ 15:54

    In my opinion it should be increased the instruments of direct democracy. Referendum without a quorum.


  3. mine
    4 March 2008 @ 09:56

    Vote Young is still no guarantee when it is the party that decides who should appear in the lists, then no preference vote does not vote that the party.
    I would not be so sure that all politicians do not care to make a shit and then it is a question of seeing the reaction of the European community (all) when it has to deal with people who does not represent, and this time there would be certain to secure data, the country voting.


  4. mine
    29 February 2008 @ 09:19

    The user who posted gave a bogus email

    Explanation pressapochistica.
    It is not an idiot by voting for a small party which does a favor to the nation.
    Let us remember that there is no preferential voting and then you can not vote one young man or an old one, a woman, a man or a gay, who is elected is decided by the party (a method a bit Stalinist).
    And it's now that the maximum montanelliana to vote holding your nose from getting completely retire; how the non-vote caused the vertical drop in the usefulness of the referendum, The vote can not force the necessary parts. Certainly it is true that even if they go to vote only relatives of political parliament is equally fills, but towards a Europe that looks like shit, the elected ones make us, yes, but not representatives of the people?

    Answer: I said a young man to vote regardless of party.
    With respect to elected politicians, the figure in europe shit they do not
    interested in anything.


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