1. to burn roberto
    25 June 2016 @ 19:52

    Dear Loris, I agree with you that this history of sovereignty is as misleading as it has been communicated. Now I have a question: It may be an artifact higher than its creator? A legal system can be above whoever created it? E’ It is possible that Man creates the legal normative conditions that affect his existence by making him become a slave? I do not know about you but I think this can not happen unless there are some human beings who work for the creation of such systems with the express purpose of getting an enormous privilege at the expense of the majority of human beings. Now I have realized that these human beings are very much prepared and are able through their philosophical and technical languages ​​to make it look like a random easily solved hiccup. They have built a fac world similar to the real and human essseri we have fallen as stupid or better as kids. So when the thing becomes complicated and you can not get to the point I use a method that is to go to the beginning of things. Nature Man codes standards. I mean Law that set of rules that are extracted from the observation of natural phenomena, therefore are Universal. To be defined as such, the Law needs to be above everyone and everything so that it is in fair application, that is, Just. The rest of the legal systems are considered by me to be mere norms, rules and conduct as they were made by men and therefore are not universal and are not Read. Sovereignty is a matter of international law. The sovereign is the one who has no one above him who can impose anything. The sovereign state is a set of standards designed to be built a few humans therefore can not be sovereign. How does a set of written rules on paper to be SOVEREIGN? The Law is a property of Man and not of a piece of paper. This is because the law is applied and therefore not required it is assumed a deed done by a man. The state does not actually exist, it is an abstract normative and imposing concept on Man by other Men who make use of it using coercive tools.


  2. Alessandro S.
    8 December 2015 @ 19:56

    Maybe a few questions to the international lawyer Morenghi and the audorg association, It can give some better fruit: http://www.aduorg.com/1/la_class_action_954826.html


  3. Alessandro S.
    8 December 2015 @ 19:35

    Agree, but that the action of Oppt has to do with individual sovereignty or with going to court to challenge the capital name? But why more and mixed all that comes to mind as do the more skilled disinformation? Since I deduce that its intent is to protect the reader and certainly not to divert attention from issues of international law that are an important matter for solving real social problems, as for example that of sovereignty , but of monetary sovereignty, which it has dealt specifically OPPT, then it would be appropriate to go and inform directly in the state archives instead of in the Facebook groups of which many are born precisely with the intention of creating confusion. Several prosecutors are aware of the changes that have taken place in the UCC and its connection with politics… and despite the rampant misinformation they are still working in the direction suggested. Despite this wall of stupidity that it is difficult to climb over.


    • loris
      10 December 2015 @ 01:36

      UCC is only a proposal to the Commercial Code to which each US state has given separate membership, and not valid outside of the United States, therefore the whole scaffolding of OPPT and individual sovereignty is nonsense.


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