1. Franco Zavala
    22 September 2010 @ 17:09

    A lavare la testa all’asino si perde solo tempo!!!
    Quando imparerà o meglio studierà , the Two Sicilies, have an area ranging from Civitella Del Tronto (Abruzzo) Pantelleria (Sicily); Perhaps we could also engage in a serious and constructive discussion.
    For the moment, può continuare tranquillamente a fare discorsi di fantapolitica becera dell’italietta, typical of the Po fottisterio!

    Franco Zavala


    • then
      23 September 2010 @ 02:30

      As the Friuli and Veneto are not penalized in the same way, even Puglia , Basilicata and others do not have big advantages. Instead Campania and Sicily riceveno per inhabitant 10 Sometimes the money you receive per capita Veneto, Emilia and Lombardia, 340 Approximately EUR against 34 !

      Moreover, I understand that the money given to the Sicily region to individual Sicilians do not come much, the services are disgusting and should “off the north” for treatment. Yet the money is sent, too many even.

      Cut the money to Sicily region would only fine the Sicilians themselves, It would force them to chase the robbers to kick ass, while now they survive and steal. O dobbiamo mandare l’esercito sabaudo a fare la rivoluzione ? it is said (falsely) che si è fatta l’unità per salvare il sud oppresso. Show that you are not you asking that THERE ARE NO PRIVILEGES FOR.

      If you have something to say that they are not only insults, see how the space is open.


  2. Aribandus
    19 September 2010 @ 12:37

    Al dilà dell’abuso di certi termini come “racism”, mi sembra un’ottima idea. It would be very functional.

    The issue becomes, however, determine that figure equal for all, that being all in a different condition, accontenterrebbe almost anyone and would in 99% cases discriminatory.
    But if you were to choose it at all costs? It would be advisable not to demoralize the virtuous, so the figure would be as high as possible, and not wasteful, and would force the thieves to do well.

    Then no, it is better to federalism. fiscal.


    • Loris Palmerini
      23 September 2010 @ 02:27

      If they would give all regions the same money per capita that are given today to the spendthrift regions, to multiply 10 public spending, e semplicemente manderebbe in bancarotta l’italia in 1 month. So you do not say anything sensible.

      What is needed to make the current spending media and give that to all.
      Result ? Many more money to the virtuous regions (Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Lombardy), which means EQUALITY, and cut funds to those wasteful, which means LESS WASTE AND FRAUDS.


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